We will build China into a cyber power and make the Internet more beneficial to the people

2022-09-26 00:00

High-end chips, key algorithms of artificial intelligence, sensors and other digital technologies lead the forefront, smart home appliances, new wearable devices, service robots and other products make life better, and digital services in medical care, elderly care, childcare and other aspects are constantly upgraded... Not long ago, at the second China International Digital Products Expo, new products, new forms of business and new applications drew attention, showcasing the achievements China has made in building itself into a cyber power and a digital China.
Without information, there can be no modernization.  From strengthening the Party's centralized and unified leadership over Internet and information technology to implementing the vision of people-centered development, from promoting breakthroughs in core information technologies to giving full play to the leading role of information technology in economic and social development, from promoting law-based pipe networks, law-based Internet access, and law-based Internet access to promoting civilized Internet access, civilized Internet use, and civilized Internet access, From advocating the building of a community with a shared future in cyberspace to advancing the reform of the global Internet governance system... 
At present, the trend of the information revolution has historically intersected with profound changes unseen in the world in a century and the overall strategy for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Across the world, network information technology has been integrated into social production and life, profoundly changing the global economic, interest and security landscape. Throughout China, the number of Internet users, the total amount of e-commerce and the total amount of electronic payment ranks first in the world. China has become a real network power. Cyber security and informatization are major strategic issues concerning national security and development as well as the work and life of the people. We must firmly grasp the "timing" and "momentum" of the information revolution, accelerate the building of a strong cyber country, and move forward toward the goals of basic popularization of cyber infrastructure, significant enhancement of our capacity for independent innovation, comprehensive development of the information economy, and strong guarantee of cyber security.
Science and technology are the key to building China into a cyber power. China has experienced an extraordinary course of 1G blank, 2G follow, 3G breakthrough, 4G synchronization and 5G lead in the field of mobile communication. However, compared with the world's advanced level and the strategic goal of building a network power, the gap in core technologies is still relatively obvious. The level of information technology and industry development determines the level of information technology development. Only by strengthening independent innovation in core technologies and infrastructure construction, and improving the capacity of information collection, processing, dissemination, utilization and security, can we seize the initiative in Internet development and ensure Internet security and national security. Our information technology industry system is relatively perfect, the foundation is good, in some fields has approached or reached the advanced level of the world, we have the ability to make greater progress in the core technology. We will leverage our strengths in the socialist system, the new nationwide system, and the super-large market, improve our capacity for basic research and development of digital technologies, win tough battles in key and core technologies, and keep the right to develop the digital economy firmly in our own hands.
Cyberspace is the common spiritual home of hundreds of millions of people. To build a strong cyber country, we must adhere to the vision of people-centered development for the sake of and by the people. Accelerate the popularization of information services and reduce application costs; Promote the "Internet plus government services", so that "people run less errands and data run more errands"; Explore the application of "blockchain +" in people's livelihood to improve the quality of people's lives; Strictly guard against cyber crimes, especially new types of cyber crimes... Looking back over the past decade, we have taken the promotion of people's well-being as the starting point and goal of IT development, so that the people have a greater sense of gain, happiness and security in the process of IT development. Going forward, we must promote the integrated development of the Internet and the economy and society, and make IT an enabler of a better life for the people.
Going forward, we should vigorously implement the strategy of becoming a cyber power, the national Big Data Strategy and the "Internet Plus" action plan, and ensure that the fruits of Internet development benefit all the people in a wider and deeper way. This will surely provide strong information technology support for national rejuvenation.

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