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2022-08-19 00:00

In the face of danger, it is human instinct to flee to survive, but firefighters choose to face the crisis and protect the safety of the party with their own lives. As a recognized high-risk profession, firefighters die every year in the performance of rescue and rescue missions. So, who will guard their safety?

In addition to necessary firefighting equipment such as fireproof clothing, protective hats, protective masks, protective gloves and protective boots, strengthening scientific and technological armament is also a necessary means to protect the safety of firefighters. In today's rapid development of smart fire protection, intelligent fire weapons such as smoke alarms, fire drones, infrared thermal imagers, reconnaissance robots, and fire extinguishing robots are building scientific and technological fire barriers to protect the personal safety of firefighters in an all-round way.

Beforehand: Strengthen early warning and prevent trouble before "burning" It is everyone's
obligation and responsibility to attach great importance to and seriously do a good job in fire protection, seriously study and master basic fire safety knowledge, and jointly maintain public fire safety. In daily life, strengthening the awareness of prevention, doing a good job in fire prevention, and timely strangling fire hazards in the cradle is the best protection for the safety of firefighters. Let's take a look at the various fire weapons often used in fire prevention in advance!
Smoke alarm: smoke alarm is a home fire prevention weapon, set the Internet of Things, NB-IOT wireless technology, cloud computing, 5G, big data and other new technologies in one, through wireless photoelectric induction smoke, to achieve 24 hours unmanned all-weather automatic duty, can detect the change of indoor smoke concentration in the first time, and issue an alarm.
Fire fighting drones: For key fire danger areas such as mountains, scenic spots, and forests, even a cigarette butt or a fire that is not completely extinguished may hide a fire behind it. Fire UAV can replace firefighters patrol with aerial perspective, can go to the sky and into the ground, is not limited by space, weather, terrain, can find fire hazards in time, make comprehensive and scientific judgments for fighting mountain fires, is the "wisdom eye" to prevent forest fires, and is also a good helper for firefighters to detect fires. In the event of a fire, rescue materials can also be transported to win the opportunity for rescue and fire fighting.
Infrared thermal imager: It can accurately measure the surface temperature of the photographed object, and realize abnormal diagnosis of the environment or object through the thermal energy distribution and temperature analysis of the photographed scene. Even a spark cannot escape its capture. When the temperature is higher than the set value, the alarm can be issued in time to realize early knowledge and early prevention and early extinguishing of fire. In view of the dark fire that may appear in the later stage of the fire that cannot be detected by the naked eye, the infrared thermal imager can also accurately find the hidden heat source, which is conducive to eliminating hidden dangers in time and preventing secondary fire accidents.

a fire occurs, the fire is fierce and the smoke is billowing out, which will not only affect the firefighter's accurate judgment of the fire, but also bring life threat to the firefighter. According to statistics, the number of people killed by poisoning and suffocation due to inhalation of thick smoke accounts for 40-50% of the total number of fire deaths, which shows that in addition to fire, smoke is also a major "killer" faced by firefighters when performing tasks.
Reconnaissance robot: The reconnaissance robot solves the pain point that firefighters cannot enter the high-temperature core area of the fire, even in a high-temperature environment of 1000 °C, it can comprehensively detect the fire, quickly obtain real-time information such as flame spread, the degree of structural damage at the scene, and the vital signs of personnel, and help firefighters plan escape routes and formulate effective rescue plans.

Afterwards: Rapid rescue to reduce casualties
With the continuous iterative upgrading of artificial intelligence technology, robots play an increasingly important role in intelligent firefighting, playing a key role in fire reconnaissance and fire rescue, and can be said to be the "personal bodyguard" of firefighters.
Fire extinguishing robot: for flammable and explosive, dense smoke and lack of oxygen and other high-risk environments that firefighters cannot enter, fire extinguishing robots can go deep into the core area of the fire, use large-flow fire extinguishing water cannons and foam cannons to accurately hit the fire source at close range, cool the fire scene, provide a favorable rescue environment for firefighters, and reduce the casualties of fire rescue personnel.
Conclusion: They brave the cold and heat, day and night, and always strive where we need it most, although every departure faces the test of life and death, and they cannot shake their determination to move forward. "Flame Blue" symbolizes their enthusiasm and determination to protect the safety of people's lives and property. They protect us, technology protects them.

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