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Integrated collector




Power environment monitoring series

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  • CHD300BTU supports the collection of power equipment data and the integrated environment of network type small computer rooms. It has the features of integrated design and high integration, and is widely used in telecommunications, railway, electric power, banking and other industries.
    CHD300BTU is a highly integrated multi-functional collector with 1U chassis design. It is a multi-functional integrated collector designed by our company according to the application environment of large and medium-sized computer room dynamic loop monitoring, data center dynamic loop monitoring, power supply/substation monitoring, bank business outlets dynamic environment monitoring, supervision command center integrated monitoring and so on. Meet the requirements of the monitoring site power environment monitoring system. The product adopts dual power supply design, built-in temperature and humidity sensor and water sensor, multiple input and output, can be widely used in telecommunications, railway, electric power, finance, judicial prison and other industries. The transmission mode can be TCP/IP or RS232RS485. The power supply mode supports DC48V or AC220V.

  • Product Size: Standard 1U case
    Body color: Factory default is black;
    Rated operating voltage: AC/DC220V 50Hz;
    Input voltage range: AC/DC100-245V;
    Maximum working current: <400mA;
    Minimum supply current: 2A/AC220V input;
    Maximum power: ≤3w;
    Working environment: -30 ~ 65℃, ≤ 95% (no condensation and icing);
    Storage environment: -20 ~ 60℃, 20 ~ 90% (no condensation and icing);
    Alarm input: 8 switch quantity input, can access smoke sensor, door sensor, water, infrared, lightning arrester fault, temperature control alarm input;
    Alarm output: 4 ordinary 12V relay output, can control the power supply, fan start and stop, warning light linkage, etc.
    Network interface: 1 RJ45 interface;
    Analog signal interface: two analog temperature and humidity and two battery voltage acquisition channels;
    RS232 interface: 1;
    RS485 port: 2-3 channels, standard configuration is 2 channels;
    Display: bilingual LCD screen in Chinese and English;
    Sound and light alarm: support external sound and light alarm;
    Network protocol :TCP/IP;
    Built-in digital triaxial sensor to locate XYZ 3D offset, measure vibration, impact, rollover, etc.;
    Built-in 1 I2C temperature/humidity data channel, accuracy ±1℃;
    Built-in 1 mains outage detection port;
    Four built-in power distribution Unit (PDU) interfaces interwork with the mains. After a mains failure, the 220V output channels are powered off in sequence within a specified period of time.
    Factory default Settings: Mains 2 alarms are associated with PDU1 to PDU4.
    Indicator: the operation panel is equipped with basic function indicators, such as power supply, running status, etc.
    Remote upgrade: Support;
    Log records: supports at least 50000 log records, including the log generation time.
    Configuration parameters Power failure protection: Supported.
    Remote alarm event retrieval: support;
    User management: Support;
    Access configuration: Support;

    The data listed in this information is for reference only, specific product data to ship with product descriptions shall prevail, subject to change without notice

The data listed in this document is for reference only, and the specific product data is subject to the product description attached to the shipment, which is subject to change without notice