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Parking gate ticket box


Parking lot management series

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  • Through a large number of straight lines and planes match each other, highlighting the product's tough, strong, atmospheric temperament; The use of a large number of inclined plane interspersed, so that the product has no lack of modern science and technology sense; And the appropriate use of transparent acrylic, so that the product has no lack of vitality and agility, so that the product will not be too stiff. According to the parking lot application standard design, into the intimate visual performance and reliable functional demands in one of the three-dimensional modeling, integrated into the environment, full of human color; Sealed design, rain proof, dust proof, surface using imported powder auto paint treatment, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, suitable for outdoor environment use, under normal circumstances ten years do not fade; Detachable plate door design, easy to open inspection and maintenance; A number of new concept design: material, color, shape to choose from. Assembly parts: main parking controller, long distance, medium distance, close distance card reader, LED bright Chinese and English display, automatic swallowing/spitting machine, ground sensing controller, pressure wave, voice system, intercom system, switching power supply, etc.

  • Control box:

    Box size: 1370mm(L)×480mm(W)×310mm(H);

    Materials: sheet gold + plastic steel + strong board;

    Surface treatment: imported powder auto paint;

    Process features: waterproof, dustproof, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance;

    Color: big yellow, silver gray;

    Performance features: card receiving, card reading, Chinese character display, intercom consultation, etc., the internal installation interface is complete, large space can be expanded according to user requirements.

    Road gate:

    Gate size: 950mm(L)×302mm(W)×350mm(H);

    Product structure: Gate by the main engine, chassis, balance mechanism, gate rod bracket, gate rod and other parts; The main machine is composed of decelerating mechanism, connecting rod is composed of handle mechanism, etc. Crank connecting rod mechanism transmission, reduce mechanical failure, low noise, no pollution, no maintenance

    Guard rod: can be equipped with straight rod, break rod, fence; The length is 3m, 6m; The appearance has rounded corners, four corners, octagon; It is made of high strength aluminum alloy tube, outsourced with anti-vibration and anti-collision foam, and the surface is made of yellow and black reflective film

    Running speed: 6m bar: 4-6s, 3m bar: 2-4s;

    Life span: 5 million times

    Features: High sensitivity magnetic limit control system, low voltage DC control, safe and reliable, accurate limit; Unique power outage manual, automatic rod lifting device; The special balancing mechanism ensures that the lifting rod is vertical and the falling rod is horizontal, stable, and non-equispeed operation eliminates the phenomenon that the brake rod accelerates too fast during the tripping and starting process of the brake rod. When the machine temperature is greater than 135°, the power supply will be cut off automatically to protect the motor from burning out

    The data listed in this information is for reference only, specific product data to ship with product descriptions shall prevail, subject to change without notice

The data listed in this document is for reference only, and the specific product data is subject to the product description attached to the shipment, which is subject to change without notice