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Double door unidirectional access controller


Access control management series

Standard access control management series

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  • CHD806T2 and CHD806T2-E two-door unidirectional controller is one of the "T" series iron box products launched by our company in 2014. The product adopts the latch open cover type [convenient to remove the cover installation wiring], the power module closed [both beautiful and prevent electric shock, shielding power interference], a variety of wire outlet, increase the line fixing seat, compatible with 30W and 60W power module revolutionary iron box optimization design; The motherboard adopts four-layer board design, single-side SMT mounting, international brand IC, interface adopts high-quality plug and plug terminal station, three-level lightning protection and so on.
    Function Description:
    A maximum of 11390 different users are registered; User type: No type restrictions are common users; User period: There is no period limit
    Swipe the card to open the door; Remote (communication command) open the door - remote control door function; Manual button to open the door (indoor installation, or do not get up to release);
    RS485, RS422, TCP/IP Ethernet networking mode; Controller working parameter setting and modification;
    User management: authorization (add users), or cancel authorization (delete users);
    Data acquisition: reading of historical records;
    Real-time monitoring: door switch status, infrared monitoring, controller working status, etc.
    Remote command to open the door (central remote control);
    Setting of communication address code and manual card adding:
    The access controller has an 8-bit DIP switch. The first seven bits select the controller communication address. The range is 0-127, and the seventh bit is a high one.

  • Product size: 356mm (length) × 265mm wide × 62mm (height) ± 5% (with iron box);
    Standard color: black;
    Rated working voltage: AC/DC220V 50Hz;
    Input voltage range: AC/DC100 - 240V;
    Maximum working current:<300mA;
    Minimum supply current: 2A/AC220V input;
    Maximum power: ≤ 3W;
    Working environment: - 10~55 ℃, 20~90% (no condensation and icing);
    Storage environment: - 20~70 ℃, 20~90% (no condensation and icing);
    Communication mode: standard Ethernet communication; (Note: Support Ethernet to RS485 to connect to fingerprint machine)
    Uplink communication interface: TCP/IP network interface and RS485 interface;
    Downlink communication interface: RS485 and Wiegand;
    Authorized users: 11390;
    Event records: 4096 [records not lost due to power failure];
    Card reader interface: 2 Wigan input interfaces, which can be externally connected to 2 Wigan card readers, respectively controlling one door and two doors
    Input interface: 7 groups of optocoupler isolation inputs (exit button X2, door magnet X2, infrared X2, emergency linkage)
    Output interface: 2 door opening relays, 1 alarm relay;
    Main functions: support multiple door interlocking function, anti passback function, multiple card opening function, first card opening function, super card opening and super password opening, virtual card changing function, etc
    Line upgrading function, central remote door opening function;
    Alarm function: the standard configuration supports card reader and controller tamper alarm, door unclosed alarm, door opened by external force alarm, battery undervoltage alarm, door open waiting timeout alarm, duress alarm, blacklist alarm, illegal card swiping alarm, etc;
    Driving capacity: relay output MAX: DC 30V/5A/25sec AC250V/3A/25sec;
    Working status indication: audible and visual indication, power on indicator light is on, buzzer sounds when swiping card to open the door, red light flashes in fault report, buzzer prompts, etc;
    Installation mode: wall mounted and cabinet mounted;
    Protection grade: standard IP42;
    Environmental protection grade: non-toxic and lead-free, meeting RoHS6 or above standards;
    Number of control doors: standard configuration controls two doors, supports two-way identification of entry and exit, and records have entry and exit marks;

    The data listed in this information is for reference only, specific product data to ship with product descriptions shall prevail, subject to change without notice

The data listed in this document is for reference only, and the specific product data is subject to the product description attached to the shipment, which is subject to change without notice