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Smart Bluetooth password has an active padlock




Intelligent cabinet lock series

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  • CHD2100GS-BT series intelligent Bluetooth password active padlock is a patent product developed for intelligent site outdoor products. It will "Bluetooth chip", "electronic password keyboard", "access controller", "battery" and so on all cleverly concentrated into the "padlock" lock body, so that it is "integrated", no wiring, convenient installation and debugging; Combined with the unique security and two-way authentication of the built-in encryption algorithm, the intelligent and secure "access" control system is formed, which has the security and monitoring functions of high integration and network connection. It is widely used in all kinds of outdoor cabinets, station room doors and other places requiring real-time monitoring. It adopts electronic intelligent control, Bluetooth APP+ dynamic password unlocking and so on. Multiple functions, safe and reliable.

  • Lock body size: 118mm(L)×60mm(W)×35mm(H)± 5%;
    Net weight of lock body: 0.45Kg± 5%;
    Color: silver;
    Password keyboard: 12-key rubber keyboard;
    Power supply: a Panasonic CR123A lithium battery (low self discharge technology);
    Battery life: 10 years (can be quickly replaced);
    Emergency power supply: Because the battery can be replaced quickly, a CR123A battery can be maintained; More convenient than charging;
    Power consumption current: static standby ≤2uA, button triggered start work ≤10mA, dynamic electric control lock ≤150mA;
    Bluetooth specification: Support Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, downward compatible;
    Operating system: Support includes iOS(Apple system), Android (Android system);
    Rf performance: emission sensitivity -19dBm ~ +8dBm; Receiving sensitivity -78dBm;
    Operating frequency band: 2402 ~ 2480MHz;
    Transmission distance: 1-2m [Bluetooth communication distance is limited for safe operation].

    The data listed in this information is for reference only, specific product data to ship with product descriptions shall prevail, subject to change without notice

The data listed in this document is for reference only, and the specific product data is subject to the product description attached to the shipment, which is subject to change without notice