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Integrated steel lock


Integrated access lock series

Special lock series for the prison

Access control management series of prison

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  • J6 series intelligent access control integrated fine steel lock is one of the high-end innovative products newly developed by our company. It is composed of luxury intelligent access control card reading panel [aluminum alloy die-casting], embedded fine steel lock body [cold-rolled steel thickened 2.0], stainless steel lock, etc. Advanced radio frequency receiving circuit, embedded 32-bit microcontroller, Ethernet communication technology and three-level lightning protection technology are used. In terms of machinery, thickened cold-rolled steel and cold-tied steel with high strength are used. Intelligent access control, radio frequency card and face recognition technology are organically combined with electromechanical lock body to create a special lock for prison with high security. Escort for special occasion applications. Main application areas: prisons, detention centers and drug rehabilitation centers and other special security access door or prison doors.

  • Dimensions: Panel: 296mm(L)×X140mm(W)×48mm(H)± 5%;
    Lock body: 281 mm (L) x X139mm (W) x 30 mm (H) + / - 5%;
    Color: silver gray;
    Material: Panel -- Aluminum alloy (die casting); Handle -- 304 stainless steel; Lock body -- thickened cold-rolled steel 2.0;
    Rated operating voltage: DC12V;
    Input voltage range: DC10.8V-DC15V;
    Operating current: Operating current of keystroke card unlocking motor ≤1500mA;
    Rated power consumption: ≤15W(locked state);
    Minimum supply current: 2000mA / 12VDC input;
    Working environment: -10℃ ~ 50℃, 20% ~ 90% RH (no condensation, icing);
    Storage environment: -20℃ ~ 70℃, 20%-90% RH (no condensation and icing);
    Door opening mode: The device has face, swipe card, face + swipe card, remote command, mechanical key door opening mode;
    Support card type: Support to read various packages of M1 card, CPU card, NFC and other smart cards (factory default read M1 and CPU card);
    RF operating frequency: 13.56MHz±5%;
    Swiping distance: 20-50mm (related to the size and quality of the card)
    Camera type: Special camera;
    Door state prompt: Standby LCD displays company name, current time, date, week, etc., with face recognition background light and sound, high-definition voice broadcast preset prompt information.
    Alternate key interopening rate: 1/250,000;
    Main lock tongue: double tongue square, cross-sectional area: 25X16X2=800mm² Length of lock tongue: 26mm super anti-theft lock B standard;
    Main lock tongue: square, cross-sectional area 25X16X2=800mm² Length of lock tongue: 28mm higher than the B-class standard of anti-theft lock;
    Thickness of lock shell: 2.0mm in line with Class B standard of anti-theft lock;
    Authorized users: 8000 cards, 3000 face users;
    Offline storage records: 65535;
    Service life: ≥ 350,000 times;
    Communication mode: TCP/IP.

    The data listed in this information is for reference only, specific product data to ship with product descriptions shall prevail, subject to change without notice

The data listed in this document is for reference only, and the specific product data is subject to the product description attached to the shipment, which is subject to change without notice