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Single gate controller





Access control management series

Standard access control management series

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  • CHD805 series access control controller is composed of keyboard, 6-digit LED digital display, control motherboard, RF induction and so on. Combined with the unique security of non-contact induction smart card, electronically controlled door lock, door magnetic contact, infrared induction equipment and network communication, composed of intelligent security "access" control system.
    Applicable places: high-end clubs, smart residential areas, office buildings and other occasions.

  • Product size: 146mm (length) × 98mm wide × 27mm (height) ± 5%;
    Standard color: black;
    Rated working voltage: DC12V;
    Input voltage range: DC9-16V;
    Maximum working current:<300mA;
    Minimum supply current: 500mA DC input;
    Maximum power: ≤ 4W;
    Working environment: - 10~55 ℃, 20~90% RH (no condensation · icing);
    Storage environment: - 20~70 ℃, 20~90% RH (no condensation · icing);
    Communication mode: 805AE-E/BE-E/ME-E supports Ethernet communication, 805AE/BE/ME/SCY supports RS485 communication;
    Uplink communication interface: 805AE-E/BE-E/ME-E supports TCP/IP network interface, 805AE/BE/ME/SCY supports RS485 interface;
    Downlink communication interface: RS485 and Wiegand;
    Authorized users: 1700;
    Event records: 6144;
    Card reader interface: 2 Wigan input interfaces, which can be externally connected to 2 Wigan card readers;
    Input interface: 4 groups of optocoupler isolation inputs (exit button, door magnet, infrared, emergency linkage)
    Output interface: 1 door opening relay, 1 OC door alarm output;
    Main functions: support card swiping door opening function, manual button door opening function, and center remote door opening function;
    Alarm function: alarm when the door is not closed properly, alarm when the door is opened by external force, timeout alarm, illegal card alarm, etc;
    Driving capacity: relay output MAX: DC 30V/5A/25sec AC250V/3A/25sec;
    Working status indication: data code prompt, card swiping open action display, etc;
    Installation mode: wall mounted;
    Protection grade: standard IP42;
    Environmental protection grade: non-toxic and lead-free, meeting RoHS6 or above standards;
    Number of control doors: one door is controlled as standard configuration, which supports two-way identification of entry and exit, and entry and exit marks are recorded;

    The data listed in this information is for reference only, specific product data to ship with product descriptions shall prevail, subject to change without notice

  • First of all, thank you very much for choosing our CHD series products! In order to provide you with better after-sales service and protect your rights and interests, we hereby make the following service commitments:
    1、 Exclusion clause:
    1. If our products are damaged by non human factors within one month after they are sold, which affects their normal use, our company will implement the guaranteed replacement system under the condition that the product accessories are complete, the packaging is intact, and the appearance is not damaged. If the manufacturer stops production or the products are out of stock for more than one week, your company can choose to replace the products with the same functions at the purchase price Equivalent products with the same configuration (the ex factory date of the sold products shall be subject to the ex factory label of our products, which is invalid if torn or altered).
    2. If the products of our company are damaged by non human factors within three months after being sold, which affects the normal use, our company is responsible for timely repair within three working days (excluding the time in transit). If the products cannot be repaired in time or the repaired products have the same failure within one month, our company will implement the replacement system; The handling of out of stock is the same as that in Article (1) (the delivery date of the sold products shall be subject to the factory label of our products, which is invalid if torn or altered).
    2、 Warranty terms (consult relevant business personnel for details):
    1. After the products of our company are sold, if the normal use is affected due to damage caused by non human factors during the warranty period, our company is responsible for free maintenance, and the maintenance time does not exceed three working days (excluding the time in transit). The cost of round-trip delivery of faulty products is borne by our company (the warranty time is subject to the order contract or cooperation agreement signed by both parties, the same below).
    2. During the warranty period, in case of damage caused by customer's improper operation or human factors and external interference, the customer can send the product back to our company for maintenance. Our company will only charge the startup inspection fee (* * yuan/set) of the maintenance equipment and the cost of replaced components, and the cost of round-trip delivery will be borne by the customer.
    3、 Maintenance terms (please consult relevant business personnel for details):
    1. After the products of our company are sold, if any failure occurs during the warranty period and affects the use of the products, the customer can return the products to our company for maintenance. Our company will charge the startup maintenance fee (* * yuan/set), labor cost (* * yuan/set) and hardware replacement fee for the maintenance equipment. The cost of sending the faulty products back and forth will be borne by the customer.
    2. If the repaired equipment cannot be repaired due to strong lightning strike, water corrosion and external interference, our company suggests scrapping and purchasing new equipment. If the customer insists on maintenance, our company will not assume the warranty after maintenance.
    4、 On site service terms:
    1. During the product warranty period, our company can provide door-to-door service at the request of the customer. For any project constructed by our company itself, if the product quality problem of our company's product occurs, the cost for on-site service shall be borne by our company. If the damage is caused by the customer's improper operation or man-made damage and external interference, All round-trip expenses and labor costs shall be borne by the client (see paragraph 5 for charging standard).
    2. During the product warranty period, if there is a problem that the dealer cannot solve by itself for the project undertaken by our company's dealers, our company will charge the corresponding technical support fees if the dealer requires us to provide door-to-door service (see paragraph 5 for the charging standard).
    5、 Charging standard (consult relevant business personnel for details):
    1. Product after-sales maintenance cost: * * yuan/set for startup maintenance, * * * yuan/set for labor, and the damaged components shall be charged at the purchase price.
    2. On site service fee: hardware maintenance fee * * * yuan/person/day, software maintenance fee * * * yuan/person/day, board and lodging standard * * * yuan/person/day (board and lodging fees are charged separately according to the city consumption level and the position of the next station personnel, or are arranged by the customer in a unified way), and transportation fees are paid according to the actual amount.
    6、 Response time:
    1. When receiving the customer's inquiry about the use of the equipment, immediately respond to the customer, guide the customer to solve the problems raised by the customer, make records faithfully, and track the progress of problem solving.
    2. When receiving the customer's on-site technical support requirements, immediately handle the relevant procedures and hand them over to the Customer Service Department for arrangement, ensure that the customer's schedule is informed within 2 hours, and rush to the site for handling strictly according to the agreed time (excluding the time on the way). In case of special circumstances that can not rush to the site on time (such as flight cancellation), the customer should be informed within 2 hours.
    3. When receiving the returned products from the customer, the customer should be contacted within 4 hours after receiving the products to confirm the receipt, understand the cause of the product failure, and send it to the maintenance department for inspection and analysis within 8 hours to ensure that the repair is completed within 3 working days and the products are returned to the customer. If the products cannot be repaired and returned as scheduled under special circumstances, the customer should be informed and the reason for the delay should be explained, but the delay should not exceed 5 working days at most.
    7、 Precautions:
    In order to better realize our commitment to customers, we hope you can cooperate with us to do the following:
    1. When the product is returned for repair, please send back the defective parts and properly pack them, and attach a list to indicate the product model, quantity, fault phenomenon and contact method of on-site technicians.
    2. When the product is repaired, please indicate the recipient and contact information of the repaired product, so that our company can return after maintenance. When filling in the repair list, please keep the handwriting neat, so that we can check, deliver and file; If the goods transferred by other companies are lost, we will not be responsible.
    3. After the products are returned for repair, please inform the delivery date, delivery list and transportation unit by telex or telephone in time, so that our company can reply as soon as possible after receiving the repaired products.
    4. After sales service telephone: 0755-836734251371388754713824307794408886026
    After sales service reception flow chart:

The data listed in this document is for reference only, and the specific product data is subject to the product description attached to the shipment, which is subject to change without notice