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Integrated access lock



Access control management series

Base Station&Machine Room Access Control Management Series

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  • Integrating access control, pulse lock, EM/IC card reader and door magnet, with its comprehensive functions and characteristics;
    Intelligent and safe "access" control system;
    The lock body uses pulse lock, which is easy to install and can realize the special installation requirements such as left and right door opening, inside and outside door opening.
    Intelligent design of control circuit.

  • Dimension: 129MM (L) X 104MM (W) X 40MM (H) ± 5%
    Color: grey
    Net weight: 1100g ± 10% (please refer to the actual product due to different packaging)
    Rated working voltage: 12VDC
    Input voltage range: 10.8VDC - 13.2VDC
    Working current: static standby current 30-60mA, dynamic card swiping drive relay, buzzer<1500mA
    Minimum supply current: 2000mA / 12VDC input
    Temperature: 0 ℃~+50 ℃ during operation; Non working: - 20 ~ 60 ℃
    Humidity: 20% ~ 90% RH during operation; Non working: 20~90%
    Working status: The internal LED status is set by software. When there is a card swiping, the LED lights up for about 2 seconds; When the door magnetic alarm (the door is not normally closed, the legal card is not opened, etc.), the LED indicator will always flash until the alarm status is canceled
    Door magnetic output: external door magnetic signal input, dry contact or OC door signal input
    Communication mode: standard RS485 mode, State Telecommunications Administration specification: YDN023-1996;
    Data communication format: 1, 8, 1, N; Support RS422 communication mode
    Immunity index: electrostatic discharge (ESD): contact discharge ± 6KV air discharge ± 8kV

    The data listed in this information is for reference only, specific product data to ship with product descriptions shall prevail, subject to change without notice

The data listed in this document is for reference only, and the specific product data is subject to the product description attached to the shipment, which is subject to change without notice