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Intelligent lock for light box


Optical delivery box series

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  • Smart Bluetooth lock integrates "Bluetooth", "access controller" and "mechanical key opening control" into the lock body of "Cabinet lock" to make it "integrated". Combined with the unique security of Bluetooth encryption authentication and RS485 network communication, it can adapt the passive electronic lock core and standard mechanical lock core to support electronic key management.

  • Lock body size: 158.5mm (L) x44mm (W) x56mm (H) ± 5%;
    Opening size: 150mm x 25mm as standard;
    Support two-stage opening;
    Net weight of lock body: 0.8Kg ± 5%;
    Color: black;
    Rated working voltage: powered by battery pack, 3V-3.6V;
    Identification distance: 1-10m;
    Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth BT2.1+EDR are supported at the same time, and the product has passed the certification of Bluetooth International Organization;
    Working status: indicator light prompts;
    Waterproof grade: IP65.

    The data listed in this information is for reference only, specific product data to ship with product descriptions shall prevail, subject to change without notice

The data listed in this document is for reference only, and the specific product data is subject to the product description attached to the shipment, which is subject to change without notice