Warmly celebrate the success of Newbell 2014 Christmas Party and Outstanding Employee Commendation Event!

2014-12-29 00:00

Sing a new movement of harmony together and draw a good picture of the future together

Warmly celebrate the success of the Newbell Christmas Party and Outstanding Staff Recognition Event!

On December 24, 2014, the 2014 Newbell Christmas Party was held at the Huaqiang Hotel! This annual meeting was wonderful, and the elites of Nübel were beautiful, enthusiastic and enthusiastic, and brought a shocking visual feast to the leaders and all employees present. Mr. Zhu, general manager of Newbell, took the stage to deliver a New Year's message! From 2000 to 2014, for fourteen years, we have been on the road, on the road of struggle, on the road of struggle, the road of the past is sprinkled with sweat and passion.



Looking back on the history of Newbell, there are always many people who move us, they are in the same boat with Newbell, treat the company as a writer, turn their love for the company into hard work, into hard work and action! All this, colleagues see in the eyes and remember in their hearts! The company sees it in its eyes and remembers it in its heart! The company's chairman Mr. Yao and general manager Mr. Zhu took the stage to present awards to the top ten outstanding employees! The development and growth of Nübel is inseparable from the support of customers and friends! Walking all the way, sharing the joy of success, it is with the continued support of customers that Nübel's today can be so beautiful! A total of 15 customers and friends won the first, second and third prizes of the annual gratitude and feedback customer lottery at this annual meeting.



During the party, the versatile Neubert elites appeared on the stage to show their style. Mr. Zen Tian and Mr. Li Shelin cooperated in a wonderful pantomime "Trouble in the Consultation Room" The unique anti-string performance is breathtaking, and the two conquered the audience with superb acting skills, it can be said that silence is better than sound at this time, pushing the atmosphere of the audience to a climax!! ! The evening party was wonderful, bringing a shocking audio-visual feast to the audience, and the atmosphere was extremely warm.




Fireworks are brilliant and are the brilliant colors of the New Year; The song is loud and is the moving melody of the New Year! This is a joyful event, which not only shows the positive youth outlook of all employees, but also shows the harmony and friendship of all our colleagues, and also conveys the ambition of the company to expand its ambition and spread its wings!