Youth is high - spirited youth is energetic - Newbell basketball game

2014-12-30 00:00

In order to enrich the cultural and sports entertainment life of the majority of employees, give full play to the teamwork spirit of employees, and enhance the corporate cohesion and pride among employees. On the afternoon of December 26th, our company's basketball competition was held in the basketball court of Shenzhen Gymnasium. All departments responded positively and organized teams to participate in the competition; All the athletes, referees, staff and spectators performed outstandingly, the team members were enthusiastic, the referees were impartial, and all the athletes of Nübel truly played the spirit of friendship first and competition second, and competed in style and level.



After 2 hours of fierce competition, the team members who finally represented the Shenzhen headquarters and the teammates of the marketing department of various offices across the country launched the final championship competition, although everyone is close colleagues off the court, but on the court is you and me, do not miss any opportunity to score, in the eyes of everyone's expectation and the encouragement of friendship, after 60 minutes of hard fighting, finally the headquarters defeated the office representative team with an absolute advantage and won the championship of this basketball competition.



The highlight of this competition is that the team members fully demonstrate the spirit of the Nübel employees, fully sweat on the field, show themselves, and always strive for the first team spirit is worth learning from all colleagues present. The 2-hour basketball game ended successfully.


This basketball competition not only enriched the amateur cultural and sports life of employees, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of employees to devote themselves to sports. Let every employee who loves sports rekindle the passion of sports. It reflects the enterprise spirit that our company has always advocated to focus on cultivating the comprehensive quality of employees, and at the same time strengthens the in-depth implementation of corporate culture, enhances the friendship between employees, and cultivates the spirit of unity and cooperation. The game achieved the desired effect, and at the same time, the unique charm of basketball also showed us the vigorous youth of today's Nübel employees.


In the future, our company will continue to enrich the cultural and sports life of employees, from the perspective of promoting the physical and mental health of employees, more and better hold a variety of cultural and sports activities, enrich the construction of our company's corporate culture, and promote the vigorous and rapid development of Newbell.