Warm congratulations to Newbell on the complete success of the 2016 Beijing Security Expo!

2016-10-31 00:00

Congratulations to Newbell on the success of the 2016 Beijing Amber Conference on October 28. During the exhibition, our booth is often full, and the Nübel team receives a large number of visiting customers every day, explaining and demonstrating our new products, which has been unanimously praised by the majority of exhibitors.


【Exhibition Snapshot】



Newbell booth design



The Nübel booth attracted a large number of visitors



❤ 工作人员现场介绍最新产品



❤ Officers who came to consult with Nübel's latest products



❤ Beautiful managers who stick to the exhibition site



❤ The exhibition is nearing its end, and the Neubert exhibitors take a group photo



The exhibition site is particularly eye-catching with its novel booth design and characteristic display panel design, which fully demonstrates Nubel's corporate philosophy of striving for the market with quality and seeking development with innovation, and leaving a deep impression on the visitors to the exhibition. Although the exhibition has been successfully concluded, but everyone's efforts will continue, our team will embark on a new journey, continue to show the strength of the company's products in a more diversified way, hope that more and more customers can understand Nübel's products through the exhibition, understand Nübel's entrepreneurial spirit!

For visiting the Nübel booth this time, as well as friends from all walks of life who have been paying attention to and helping Nenberg for a long time, we once again express our heartfelt thanks and sincere wishes! Thank you!



【New Product Introduction】


(1) Smart double hook lock



Double hook deadbolt design, safer and more reliable, multiple identification method is more flexible



Appearance - robust, safe and intelligent


Double hook lock advantage - double hook lock tongue + multiple identification method


(2) Prison team door



The main equipment of the prison team door



Warehouse group door advantage


(3) Face recognition device

Product List - Face recognition



Face recognition device advantages


(4) Dynamic password access control system




Dynamic password access control system



Dynamic password access control system