CHD2100-J2 series intelligent cabinet lock, core technology, safety quality!

2021-09-28 00:00

CHD2100-J2 series products are Newbell's new generation of intelligent access control integrated cabinet lock, using our company's new design of independent intellectual property rights to prevent vibration of the new generation of locking structure, can effectively prevent the cabinet due to the vibration of the air conditioning compressor caused by the locking of the wrong lock and other problems, the internal modular structure design, easy installation and maintenance. The product runs stably and reliably, all metal parts surface adopts the industry's high standard electrophoresis process, the texture is impeccable.


Product Features

1. Shock-proof design (patented technology)
Prevent the wrong opening caused by the retracting of the lock pin head caused by vibration.

2. Wireless power supply for the handle (patented technology)
The keyboard handle adopts passive design to solve hidden dangers such as oxidation of contact points.

3. Skid proof design
Handle sink type, anti skid, anti smash, European standard keyhole protection.

4. Double locking design
When the power is on and the network is normal, the key is forbidden to open. The power is off or offline, the key is allowed to open.

5. Double side outlet design
Bilateral selection line, convenient site construction.

6. Length of locking pin head
The effective locking length of the lock pin is 5MM.

7. Disable Key function
The use of keys is allowed during the commissioning period of the project, and forbidden after the official commissioning of the project.

8. Door thickness is adjustable
By adding gaskets, the thickness can be adjusted for various cabinet doors.

9. European standard lock core
International standard, support emergency mechanical key unlock function.

Newbell's new generation of intelligent access control integrated cabinet lock, widely used in communication, power, IDC room and other occasions.