Does the brand confidence of Chinese security need to use prehistorical power?

2016-08-17 00:00

Abstract: Most customers choose Chinese brands because of cheap prices and high cost performance, rather than valuing the advanced technology and better stability of Chinese enterprises.



The gold and silver competition of the Rio Olympics is in full swing, and the various looks and treasures of the Chinese swimming corps are attracting everyone's attention one after another. In just four days, we are pleased to see the diminishing mission of the "Olympic gold medal", highlighting the improvement of Chinese people's cultural quality and health awareness, but unfortunately, the Western powers' contempt and denigration of China seems to have remained unchanged, so that Chinese to win a medal in the swimming pool seems to take forbidden drugs or use the power of flooding.



So, for the increasingly powerful Chinese security brand, when galloping through the global security market, in Europe and the United States and other markets, in order to obtain enough brand premium, do you need to use the power of flooding?



Can giants drive the rise of Chinese security brands


There is no doubt that in the history of security development, the founder of foreign brands is unshakable, China's earlier video surveillance, burglar alarm, access control management and video intercom market, are dominated by overseas brands, China now many bigger and stronger security manufacturers, is also at that time in the form of agents or OEM participation, Axis, Pelgo, Bosch, Honeywell, Tyco, etc. firmly occupy the Chinese market. However, with the rapid development of China's economy and industry, the overall improvement of China's manufacturing level and the release of the huge demographic dividend, Chinese security manufacturers have achieved curve overtaking in the stage of security equipment networking.


But looking at the global security market, especially the market, Chinese security brands are not welcomed by foreign users, in addition to the Western powers established in the twentieth century throughout the century on feudal China forcible robbery of the continuous arrogance and prejudice, Chinese security brands into the overseas market cannibalism, low-price competition also has a lot to do with it, giving people the feeling that the power of flood famine is only to squeeze into the low-end market, causing Chinese monitoring products, including giants, to lose almost all premium ability in this Red Sea market. It deepens the influence of overseas users on the continuous arrogance and prejudice of Chinese security brands, which is worthy of deep thinking of Chinese security brands.


However, with today's Chinese security technology and products, it has long been ahead of international security companies in terms of integrity, and has achieved such success, relevant people have said that in China, when the R&D department of foreign brands turned off the lights early in the evening, the buildings of several Chinese security brand enterprises were still brightly lit. It can be said that the rise of China's security companies is based on the hard work of employees. But embarrassingly, not only overseas brands discriminate against Chinese technology and products, even many Chinese customers do not believe in their own technology and products, a security person once said that in the current airport video surveillance product bidding process, customers choose Chinese brands most of the because of cheap price, cost-effective, rather than value Chinese enterprises' advanced technology and better stability.


Obviously, the much-criticized "Made in China" emphasizes only made in China, the importance of China's research and development has not been highlighted, this is the calculation of the brand publicity of the old foreigner, to get rid of the impression of low price and inferior quality of China's security products in overseas markets, China's security enterprises must stop vicious competition, in addition to the advanced technology and function, but also in the stability and appearance of efforts, low value can not sell high price, value is the core of the brand that determines the product, This is also a warning to the lack of brand management of many security companies.


Seize the golden decade of Chinese brands to build brand confidence in Chinese security


In overseas markets, one or two security brands can not represent the collective strength of China's security brands, only most of the Chinese security brands have established a good reputation in overseas markets, which can be regarded as the success of Chinese security brands in the global security market. According to the analysis of CTR2015 China's latest market trends, the next decade will be the golden decade of the rise of Chinese brands, more and more Chinese enterprises will squeeze into the world's top 500, more Chinese enterprises will truly achieve internationalization, and their brand value will come more from the overseas market expansion of enterprises. To this end, international media are paying more and more attention to growing companies in Asia and China, and many overseas media have increased their coverage teams, columns and channels on China. It can be said that the world has opened a larger window for the dissemination of the image of Chinese enterprises than ever before.


This is the recognition of China's security monitoring brand, and it is also an important reference coordinate for Chinese security brands to gradually participate in internationally renowned events. For the construction of China's security brand, sometimes in order to better serve customers, better maintain the brand image of China's security, and establish the brand confidence of Chinese security personnel, it is often necessary to use the power of flooding, I believe that this also has certain reference and reference value for other Chinese security manufacturers.


                                                                                                  (Source: Security Knowledge Network)