2016 Newbell mid-year Sales Conference

2016-08-01 00:00


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【Conference Introduction】

In order to better understand the problems encountered in the front-end work and understand the market situation, on July 28, the company held a mid-year sales summary meeting, and the heads of each office returned to report on their duties. Through this meeting, the bottlenecks encountered by regions with poor performance are proposed for discussion; Share their experience on the areas that have done well in performance, and through this meeting, the combat effectiveness of all sales employees will be stimulated, and play an active role in completing the annual sales target in the second half of the year.


【Meeting Arrangement】

Event Theme: 2016 Nübel Mid-Year Sales Conference
Event Date: July 28

Location: Bauhinia Hall, 2nd floor, Sichuan Building

Organizer: Shenzhen Newbell Electronics Co., Ltd


【Conference site】



【Message from the General Manager】



【Key Account Department Manager Cui Debriefing】



【Foreign Trade Department Manager Li report】



【Guiyang Office Manager Ma debriefing】



【Xi'an Office Manager Li debriefing】



【Xinjiang Office Manager Yang debriefing】



【Shanghai Office Manager Yao debriefing】



【Anhui Branch Manager Zhu debriefing】



【Wuhan Office Manager Luo's debriefing】



【Chengdu Office Manager Tang debriefing】



【Beijing Branch Manager Li debriefing】



【Jinan Office Manager Zhang debriefing】



【Hangzhou Office Manager Bao's debriefing】



【General Report of Marketing Department Kang】



【Mr. Zhu made a summary of the meeting】



【Mr. Bao conducts judicial industry training】