The era of "look at the face" has arrived, ushering in a wave of innovation in facial recognition applications

2016-07-15 00:00

Abstract: As an emerging biometric technology, face recognition technology has received great attention in recent years.


First, the background of face recognition technology

With the economic development and scientific and technological progress, the speed of urban construction has accelerated, the population in cities has gradually become dense, and the floating population has increased, which has triggered urban management problems such as transportation, social security, prevention in key areas, and increasingly prominent cybercrime in urban construction.

At present, China's urban population is becoming increasingly dense, the mobility of urban population has also increased greatly, and the modern urban social security prevention and control system urgently needs to be launched for the floating population.



Newbell launches a new product, the face recognition instrument CHD500FK


I believe that friends who love high technology must remember the movie "Mission Impossible 4" released in 2012. In the movie, Agent Hannaway uses the target face information transmitted by colleagues at the train station, in the vast train station, with the face recognition system, quickly retrieve and compare the passing crowd, and recognize the oncoming beauty as the deadly killer in the blink of an eye, the mobile phone sends out * tick * alarm sound, and can synchronize the name and information of the deadly killer on the mobile phone, and finally find and arrest the suspect. That's the magic of face recognition. These scenarios aren't just movie stunts, face recognition has made sci-fi a reality.


Second, the advantages of face recognition

The face recognition market is still in the market cultivation stage, and its development space is very broad, and it has received great attention in recent years. As an emerging biometric technology, compared with iris recognition, fingerprint scanning, palm scanning and other technologies, face recognition technology has unique advantages in application.



(1) Easy to use:

Face recognition technology uses a general camera as a recognition information acquisition device, which is a completely non-contact way to complete the recognition process without the recognition object being aware, and there will be no psychological rejection of the recognized object.


(2) Outstanding intuitiveness:

Face is undoubtedly the most intuitive source of information that the naked eye can identify, and the basis used by face recognition technology is human facial images, which is convenient for manual confirmation and auditing, and * taking people by appearance * conforms to human cognitive laws.


(3) Not easy to counterfeit:

Face recognition technology requires that the identification object must be present at the recognition site, and it is difficult for others to imitate, and the unique active discrimination ability of face recognition technology ensures that others cannot deceive the identification system with inactive photos, puppets, wax figures, which is difficult to do with biometric recognition technologies such as fingerprints.


(4) Use of general-purpose equipment:

The equipment used in face recognition technology is generally PC, camera and other general equipment, because the current computer, CCTV monitoring system has been widely used, therefore, for most users, the use of face recognition technology does not need to add a large number of special equipment, not only to protect the user's original investment but also greatly expand the system function, but also improve the security performance of the system, to meet the security needs of users.


Third, the application prospect of face recognition technology

Face recognition technology is a hot topic that is widely studied. Face recognition technology is to use a computer to analyze face images, and achieve the purpose of * identification* by detecting and comparing all known prototype face images in the face database. With the development of science and technology and the comprehensive application of various technical means, face recognition technology has broad application prospects in video surveillance, access control and other fields.





Newbell's new product – CHD5OOFK


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