The past and present life of access control system market

2016-07-14 00:00

With the rapid development of China's economy, people's attention to safety issues has promoted the rapid development of China's security industry market. The social security situation caused by the process of economic development is also worrying, and the widening gap between the rich and the poor has led to an increase in the crime rate in developing countries, and the demand for security products in society is also increasing.


At present, the integration of entrance and exit systems and monitoring, anti-theft alarm, intercom system is the general trend, and the boundaries of the four major security systems are becoming more and more blurred, the four security systems rely on the computer software integration platform, and the integration of the entrance and exit system and intercom system including access control and parking management system also started earlier.



A past life of the access control system

The access control system and the parking lot system are collectively known as the entrance and exit control system, as the name implies, it is a system that controls the entrance and exit passage, where to release some people, refuse some people, when to issue an alarm, and remember the process of entering and exiting to achieve the purpose of controlling security. It is developed on the basis of traditional door locks. The traditional mechanical door lock is just a simple mechanical device, no matter how reasonable the structural design and how strong the material, people can always open it by various means. In the passage of a large number of people in and out of the channel is troublesome, the key is lost or replaced often has to replace the lock and the key together.



In order to solve these problems, the emergence of electronic magnetic card locks and electronic password locks has improved the degree of management of people's entrance and exit channels to a certain extent, so that channel management has entered the electronic age, but with the application of these two electronic locks, their own defects have gradually been exposed. The amount of information stored by the magnetic stripe is small, the wear between the contact card and the card reader is large, the failure rate is high, and the problem of the magnetic card lock is that the information is easy to copy and the safety factor is low.


    The present life of the access control system

In recent years, with the development of induction card technology, biometric technology, access control system has been developed rapidly, into a mature period, there is a sensor card access control system, fingerprint access control system, iris access control system, finger vein recognition access control system, face recognition access control system, random order keyboard access control system and other technical systems, they have their own advantages in security, convenience, ease of management, etc., the application field of access control system is becoming wider and wider. With the increasing use of portable devices such as smartphones, access control systems that use smartphones as identification tools have emerged.



Face recognition technology is a biometric technology that has attracted much attention in the industry in recent years, and many video surveillance manufacturers write their own face recognition algorithms into cameras to enhance the intelligent image and added value of cameras. The regional feature analysis algorithm widely used in face recognition technology, which integrates computer image processing technology and biostatistical principles, uses computer image processing technology to extract portrait feature points from videos, and uses the principles of biostatistics to analyze and establish mathematical models, that is, face feature templates. The built face feature template is used to analyze the features with the face of the person of the subject, and a similar value is given according to the results of the analysis. This value determines whether it is the same person.



The functions of access control systems are also gradually increasing, for example, the card system commonly used on university campuses is not only used for access control management, but also commonly used for canteen dining, book lending, and dormitory management. Since the Internet of Things is also adopting identification technology, the application field of identification technology is increasing.



In various entrance and exit control devices, biometrics as access authentication has become common. Fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, finger vein recognition, and face recognition each have their own advantages. In the future, the security, integration ability, openness, diversification of applications and cloud control ability of access control system will be the future development trend.


                                                                                             (Source: HC Security Network)