One day trip to Conghua with Newbel Company!

2016-06-02 00:00

Take a planned trip and go.


On May 28, 2016, the company's 88-member army marched majestically to Conghua, Guangzhou, 188 kilometers away from Shenzhen. No wind and sunshine, smoke and rain add a different touch to the trip. The joy of traveling is often not about the weather, just about the mood.


First stop: Weidong pier by boat.

A river with clear water, green mountains on both sides. Liuxi River Greenway Cruise, take us on the first water greenway in Guangdong. The strange shores, the turquoise river, the bright red ancient boats, and the smiling faces of us crochet each other to create a fairyland beautiful painting! When we are still appreciating, our thoughts jump from time to time, and we can't figure out whether the fairy land has fallen into mortal dust or we have crossed into immortals. Occasionally close your eyes, breathe oxygen full of negative ions, and enjoy pure natural oxygen.


We sailed slowly on this ship of friendship.




Life is also a voyage, and during the voyage, it is bound to encounter strong winds from all sides. However, every gust of wind will speed up your flight. As long as you hold the rudder, even a storm won't deviate you from course.




Indulge in a green trail tour, a pleasant landscape and a river. Everyone rushes to commemorate the memory, although it cannot take the beautiful scenery away, at least it is fixed in memory.







The clear flowing stream and river water, lush green banks and lush vegetation, can be described as green mountains and green water. The breeze blows, ripples, and the desire of the heart cannot be stopped.





Second stop: Agriturismo

We drove to the farm to hold an outdoor "picnic lunch", and the farm specially prepared kitchenware for tourists to do their own outdoor wild drinks, rice, drinking water, oil, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, green onions, ginger, garlic and other seasonings. Teamwork, close division of labor, prepare all the materials needed for the cookout, including: vegetables, fish, chicken, firewood, cooking utensils, etc. Everyone showed their skills and showed their housekeeping skills. These big guys, who usually look like work, rarely see a side of life today. Stir-fry cooking is presentable, and each is a master.



Are you sure you're stir-frying?

The coachman from last year came to be a fireman this year. It seems that people have to have samples to survive. This year's line of work is good luck.







After the meal, free time.



What are you thinking, little one? Did your careful thoughts fly into the distance with the pair of angel wings on your head?



Some people say: Dunking feels so good. I think: that's because dunking can vent your depression, distress, when the ball hits the basket, listening to the painful creak of the basket, you will feel that you are the master of the world.




Third stop: Crazy arbutus picking in the farmhouse orchard

Guangzhou Conghua Liangkou Town is known as the "hometown of bayberry". Liangkou Town has the largest continuous bayberry forest in Guangzhou, and the branches of the bayberry trees are full of red, purple and black large bayberry, which makes people endure handsomeness, and eat while picking, this fresh taste is incomparable.





The fourth stop: Xitou Village

Known as the most beautiful village in Conghua, Guangzhou, there is no famous mountain and river, nor does it have a prominent reputation, some are old-style buildings and simple folk customs. Quiet and uncontested life. As soon as I entered the village, I saw an emerald green river, with green mountains and green trees reflected, quite quiet. This is the true source of the Liuxi River, from which the name of Xitou Village comes from.






Three mountains and half fall into the blue sky, and the two waters are divided into "Xitou Village". Gradual dusk, the silence brought by twilight, and the tranquility of the heart. Away from the hustle and bustle, cleanse the mind with purification.






Everyone wants to embrace nature and breathe in the fresh air.





This is our beautiful videographer, the first beauty of Nübel.





Everyone talked and laughed along the way, and when they arrived at the entrance of the village, they were fortunate enough to catch the last rays of this sunset.



The day ended quickly. Although it was already early in the morning, everyone was happy. Tired and happy.


Group photo, is this battle huge?