Face recognition application is widely used in the future access control development has a new turning point

2015-01-12 00:00

The application of face recognition technology is becoming more and more extensive, and it is gradually changing our lives. Face recognition technology in China started relatively early, but has not entered the substantive application stage, mainly in technical obstacles, with the recent improvement of face recognition technology recognition accuracy, face recognition application fields have gradually spread.


From an application point of view, face confirmation can be applied to access control channel systems, identification of identity documents, ATMs, and home security. Specifically, the main ones are:

1) Commercial enterprises: e-commerce, electronic money and payment, time attendance.

2) Government functions: e-government, household registration management, social welfare and insurance.

3) Public safety: public security criminal investigation and escape, criminal identification, border security inspection.

4) Information security: computer and network login, encryption and decryption of files.

5) Venue access: access control and access management of military secret departments and financial institutions.


Learn about facial recognition technology

Face recognition technology is a new biometric technology that integrates biology, psychology and cognition and other multi-discipline, multi-technology (pattern recognition, image processing, computer vision, etc.), which can be used for identity confirmation (one-to-one comparison), identity identification (one-to-many matching), access control (door monitoring system), security monitoring (banking, customs monitoring), human-computer interaction (virtual reality, games), etc., because of its technical characteristics, it has a wide market application prospect in the access control channel system in the future.


Compared with other recognition technologies, the advantages of face recognition are obvious, mainly in three aspects:

The so-called naturalness means that the recognition method is the same as the biological features used by humans (including other organisms) for individual identification, and it is through observation and comparison of faces to distinguish and confirm identity; Natural recognition also includes voice recognition and body shape recognition, while fingerprint recognition and iris recognition are not natural because humans or other creatures cannot distinguish individuals through such biological characteristics.


Compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition is contactless, users do not need to be in direct contact with the device, and at the same time can meet the sorting, judgment and recognition of multiple faces in practical application scenarios.


The second is non-mandatory, the identified face image information can be actively obtained without being detected by the measured individual, face recognition is the use of visible light to obtain face image information, and unlike fingerprint recognition or iris recognition needs to use electronic pressure sensors to collect fingerprints, or use infrared to collect iris images, these special collection methods are easy to be detected, thus with camouflage deceptiveness.


The rapid development of face recognition in China has made a new turn in the development of access control channel systems in the future

Since entering the 21st century, a large number of domestic face recognition technology enterprises have a clear development direction for face recognition technology, face recognition technology has been initially used, a large number of orders began to generate, the early main application direction concentrated in the government field, such as the direction of criminal investigation and solving cases, which also marks the face recognition technology officially entered the market


Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy and the rapid increase in the number of domestic Internet users, the construction of information security and smart cities have been put on the agenda by the state. More market demand began to point to the field of face recognition, which strongly promoted China's face recognition technology to a higher level of development.


There are many surprises in the field of face recognition: IDG has invested tens of millions in face recognition technology; Face payment and face authentication are favored by the big guys, Alipay, Baidu, each other clamoring to go to the track of face recognition, the word face recognition has become popular again.


These let people see the new turn of face recognition, face recognition technology is no longer a conceptual war, in the next few years, there will be more products will be put into the market, these products will be closely related to people's lives, the future time will be more and more people's lives will be changed and benefited by face recognition technology.