Essential functions of the future access control system

2015-01-12 00:00

With the rapid development of the economy, people's requirements for science and technology to serve life are getting higher and higher, and the security access control pedestrian passage industry has also achieved rapid development. Technical defense products based on various modern information science and technology have become an important protective barrier for the social security environment. In the future, several functions that the mobile population access control pedestrian passage management system must have are described in detail:


1. Large capacity

Floating population access control pedestrian passage is usually based on the village for the construction of rental housing access control channel system, smaller villages have dozens, hundreds of buildings, relatively large villages may exceed 500 buildings or even close to thousands of buildings, according to each building 50-100 people calculation, a village floating population may have nearly 100,000 people. The access control system of all buildings in the entire village should be built on a platform software, which puts forward relatively high performance requirements for platform software and hardware equipment, so the platform design capacity of the floating population pedestrian passage system can reach 2,000 buildings and 100,000 people.


Second, swipe the card to respond quickly

For the entrance of large rental housing communities, there may be nearly 100,000 people stored offline in a controller, requiring the controller to store 100,000 people offline to open the door (swipe response time < 0.2 seconds), which does not affect the normal access of personnel (especially during peak hours). < p="">


3. Video linkage

In some well-funded communities, in addition to deploying the mobile population access control pedestrian passage system, the video linkage function will also be considered, so the performance of video linkage capture will also be very important. Most of the migrant population living in rental housing are migrant workers, and there will be a peak commuting period in the morning and evening. Taking 100,000 people in a thousand buildings as an example, the number of card opening and snapping during the peak period of one hour in the morning will reach 70,000 to 80,000 times (excluding some elderly and children), the average number of card swipes and snaps per second is 19.4 to 22.2 times, and the highest peak will reach about 48 times per second. In order to cope with the pressure of these actual data, the system must meet the requirements of 48 card swipes and captures per second (capture video capture photos) for at least 3 hours under the amount of information of 100,000 people, and the system will not be paralyzed; The display of captured photos must not have a noticeable sense of delay (no more than 1 second); The swipe card opening time is less than 0.2 seconds. And the platform operation should be very smooth during peak periods.


4. Real-time two-way active transmission of data

Real-time two-way active transmission of data is the basic factor for the high performance of the mobile population access control pedestrian passage system, and when the network is smooth, the data of the platform and the front-end require two-way real-time transmission. When the network is interrupted, data is actively sent after the network is restored to unobstruction.


Real-time active upload: The events and alarm information generated by the front-end are related to the security of the entire system, so all events and alarms on the mobile population access control pedestrian passage project require that they can be uploaded to the platform in real time, so that the management center can take timely countermeasures. When the network is smooth, after the alarm that occurs on the front end, the alarm information must be uploaded to the platform and displayed on the operation interface of the platform software within 2 seconds.


Automatic synchronous download: the amount of equipment that needs to be managed on the floating population access control pedestrian passage project is large, the population is large, in order to improve the convenience of platform operation and management, all equipment parameter settings in the system, personnel information, etc. can be automatically downloaded to the front-end controller in real time, when the management personnel modify the parameter settings of the door point controller on the platform software, or add a new personnel authorization in the building where the controller is located, the door point can immediately swipe the card to open the door, without the need to download the operation separately.


In the future, Jiang will have more technologies to be applied to the access control all-in-one machine, and it is easier to highlight the advantages of the access control all-in-one machine flexibility, mobility and convenience, which will be the development direction of the key technology of the access control all-in-one machine, and will also be the inevitable trend of the entire access control all-in-one machine market. As a manufacturer and sales manufacturer of access control products, Hikvision will expand new markets and create a new product system in the process of R&D and production of access control pedestrian passage products.