Newbell held the competition meeting for the head of the Marketing Department

2015-03-30 00:00

Recently, in order to further improve the professionalism and business ability of employees, strengthen the competitive incentive mechanism and the awareness of job responsibility, Newbell has launched a competitive activity for the position of head of the marketing department.


After the official start of the competition, each person gave a speech of no more than 10 minutes, and the candidates gave speeches from their own work experience, competitive advantages, understanding of the competitive position and work ideas, specific goals, implementation measures, and team building. In the end, Zhao Hanyu of the marketing department successfully competed for the first place in the comprehensive ranking of each competitive position. The results of the competition will be announced in the company in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness and justice. The company's leaders attached great importance to it, set up a multi-department joint scoring team, and strictly checked the qualification review, on-site competition, scoring publicity and other links of the candidates, and the activity was a complete success and was well received.


In his concluding remarks, the general manager pointed out that this is a competition with high standards and strict requirements, which creates opportunities and provides a stage for every employee. The activity broke the traditional "appointment system", further enhanced employees' sense of responsibility, risk awareness and enterprising awareness, and established a scientific employment orientation.


This competition activity is the company in 2015 from the grassroots level, gradually implement the first department of the competition system, in the future the company will continue to implement the job competition system, to achieve the able, mediocre, for the development of employees to provide a good platform, this activity fully shows the spirit of innovation and hard work of the Nübel people, in the company formed a harmonious enterprising, you catch up, seek common development of a good atmosphere.