Passing Love, warming the world -- Newbell Care for orphans and disabled children public welfare activities

2015-04-25 00:00

Love gathers strength and builds hope together



Recently, the Department of Commerce of Shenzhen Newbell Electronics Co., Ltd. organized a public welfare activity to care for orphaned and disabled children. It aims to convey love and reflect Nübel's sense of social responsibility.

At this event, the commercial department of Newbell went to Shenzhen Huayang Special Children Rehabilitation Center. The children here are a special group of children, with physical defects of one kind or another, and what is even more pitiful is that their lives should have needed more help and love, but they were abandoned by their biological parents. In this event, the personnel of the commercial department of Newbell Company prepared some toys and snacks for these special children, and prepared some small games, hoping that they could feel more love and warmth!



On the day of the event, led by the dean, Newbell Commerce Department personnel visited the children and distributed them toys and snacks. In addition, they also carefully decorated the classrooms for the children, and the children were delighted to see the new classroom. What made these children happiest was that they also led these children to play games together. Under the one-on-one care of the Newbell Commercial Department, the children had a fun day.

These lovely children, who are disabled and abandoned by their parents, still grow up tenaciously. They are angels with folded wings, and if God accidentally closes a door for them, it takes more loving and responsible people to open a window of love for them and let the sun live in their hearts forever. I hope more people pay attention to them, care for them, and let everyone pass on their love together!