Mainland to promote the reform of detention house duty: AB door a door of armed police control

2015-05-18 00:00

Wuhan, 15 May (Xinhuanet) -- This reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security and the Armed Police Force that China has actively cracked the prominent problems affecting the security of detention centers, vigorously promoted the construction of AB doors in detention centers, and deeply promoted the reform of supervision and duty methods.

The new prison wall has the functions of anti-climbing, anti-hook and anti-collision, and has established "four walls and two networks" such as steel mesh wall, high-voltage power grid, knife and barbed net... The reporter observed the scene at a detention center in Xianning District, Xianning City, Hubei Province, and saw that there is a fiber grating intelligent alarm device in the warning area, a PTZ camera in an important position, and the perimeter of the prison wall is "daylight" at night.

According to the leader of the Hubei Armed Police Corps, after the construction of the "four integrated defenses" with strict civil air defense deployment, solid physical defense barriers, efficient technical defense means, and reliable joint defense measures has reached the standard, some fixed prison wall posts will be withdrawn and patrol posts will be set up, saving troops.

The reform of prison control is another bright spot. The reporter saw at the scene that two doors that were visible to each other were set up at the entrance and exit of the prison gate, which were controlled by the armed police and the supervision cadres respectively, and the two doors could not be opened at the same time, which played a role in preventing rushing and breaking in.

In observing the security demonstration, the supervision cadres, armed police, and local public security organs built a normalized joint defense "three lines of defense". The Hubei Armed Police Corps also cooperated with detention centers and stationed joint defense organizations in accordance with the characteristics of its duties, explored and established three emergency response circles of 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 30 minutes, and carried out joint exercises in accordance with the plan to ensure efficient handling of situations.

In recent years, the public security organs and the armed police force have established a "eight link" mechanism of joint team building, joint management of services, joint investigation of contradictions, joint management of hidden dangers, joint handling of situations, joint grasp of exercises and training, joint evaluation and evaluation groups, and joint creation of safety and security, so that supervision and duty have been upgraded from "each holding the pen" to "everyone paddling", effectively improving the quality of supervision and duty.