Technology enables innovation service mode "face recognition" precise crackdown on traffic violations

2022-07-12 00:00

Since the beginning of summer, traffic violations such as soliciting customers, small traders occupying the road, and illegal stopping and stopping on main and secondary roads in Xi'an urban area have become prominent. On July 10, the reporter learned from the traffic police Beilin Brigade that the Beilin traffic police have achieved 100% accurate crackdown on black motorcycles by exploring a new mode of "face recognition + traffic management" service, adopting a combination of space and land and collecting evidence in the whole process.

Combination of vacant land and evidence collection to specifically treat mobile street traders Some
time ago, the problems of illegal parking and small traders occupying the road in Xihejia Village and Nanmen Liuyuan in Beilin District were prominent, seriously affecting the passage of main roads and increasing the hidden danger of accidents. However, there is a phenomenon of "guerrilla" in the process of law enforcement, and how to fix evidence and accurately find the parties has become a difficult problem for law enforcement police.
To this end, the Beilin traffic police changed their thinking, using the monitoring electronic patrol + video evidence collection method to fix the evidence of illegal parking on the road, mobile hawkers occupying the road and setting up stalls, and the command center dispatched the police force of the squadron in the jurisdiction to the scene to correct the place in time, and adopted methods such as urging, sticking, and towing the illegal vehicles to quickly eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure smooth road surface.
In addition, the on-duty police also used "law enforcement recorder on-site recording + video surveillance capture" to double collect evidence from mobile vendors to fix illegal evidence, and face recognition accurately summoned the illegal stall parties for punishment, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of mobile hawkers, illegal parking owners and on-duty traffic police "fighting guerrilla" and "hiding cats".
Since June this year, through the continuous rectification of the Beilin traffic police, the appearance of the two traffic chaotic and blocked points in Xihejia Village and Nanmen Liuyuan has been completely changed.

Video surveillance analysis accurately locks the black motorcycle The gathering of black motorcycles at the
subway entrance in the jurisdiction not only seriously affects the road traffic environment, but also easily causes major traffic accidents, and is also the hardest hit area of 12345 mass complaints. In order to completely solve this chaos, the Beilin traffic police used scientific and technological means to adopt video surveillance cameras to fix evidence collection + road police combined with precise investigation and control to crack down on the illegal chaos of black motorcycles.
The police who have been on duty on the front line for many years said: "In the past, as long as they were not caught, motorcycle drivers did not admit to illegally soliciting passengers. The new service mode has changed the old method of 'pinching the brake, pulling the key, and fighting a verbal battle', which is both energy-consuming and time-consuming, so that motorcycle drivers face conclusive video evidence without arguing and can only sign to accept administrative punishment.
According to statistics, in June, the squadrons on duty of the traffic police Beilin Brigade used the "video surveillance + face recognition" method to carry out precise seizures at transportation hub points such as Nanmenli, Zhongmao Plaza, Nanshaomen, and the subway entrance of the Provincial Stadium, punishing more than 70 black motorcycles. After a month of continuous strikes, the new service model was widely spread among the "motorcycle driver group". The phenomenon of piling up and soliciting passengers at subway entrances in the original jurisdiction has been effectively curbed.
The person in charge of the traffic police Beilin Brigade said that through scientific and technological empowerment and strengthening "investigation" skills, the Beilin traffic police have achieved 100% accurate crackdowns on small traders occupying the road and black motorcycles for passenger traffic violations. It not only changes the tactics of the sea of people, saves police resources, but also effectively improves the efficiency of service and plays a deterrent role of "punishing one hundred people". The data shows that the complaints of the masses in the jurisdiction of the traffic police Beilin Brigade about the black motorcycle at the entrance of the subway show a straight downward trend. The new service mode lays a solid foundation for eliminating potential traffic safety hazards, reducing traffic accidents, and creating a safe and smooth traffic environment.

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