Science and technology against the flood and build a "safety dike" for flood control

2022-06-23 00:00

Since entering Mei, precipitation in the south has generally increased, and regional heavy rainfall extremes have intensified. Recently, Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, Henan Province, Jiangxi Province and other places have issued flood warnings, and all departments are waiting for it, giving full play to the strength of science and technology, constantly optimizing flood prevention and investigation management methods, and doing a solid job in flood prevention and disaster control.
Since June, heavy rainfall has continued to "entrench" the south, with torrential rainfall in many places, soaring river levels and serious floods. Flood prevention and rescue personnel in various places, armed with new technology and new equipment, are on the front line of flood prevention and ready to participate in emergency rescue and rescue work. The deep participation of cutting-edge technologies such as drones, underwater search and rescue robots, and satellite monitoring has greatly improved the efficiency of flood prevention and rescue.

Guangdong Yingde: Multiple measures to race against heavy rain
Recently, dragon boat water and tornado weather have occurred in many places in Guangdong Province, including flash floods, road collapses, flooding of farmland, and urban waterlogging in most areas of Yingde City, causing serious disasters. As of 12 o'clock on June 22, the water level of the Beijiang River in Yingde City reached 35.95 meters, and the over-alert water level was 9.95 meters, and the flood control situation was very serious.
In the face of severe flood conditions, Guangdong Power Grid launched a joint video patrol of power transmission and transformation to dynamically assess the flooding risk of substations and use science and technology to build a solid safety defense line for power grid operation. Emergency response forces rushed to help, and also dispatched "drones", drove "excavators", rowed lifeboats, set up a temporary volunteer communication team, and took multiple measures to start a "safety defense battle" against the heavy rain.

Guilin, Guangxi: Call Response + Joint Defense, Win the First Opportunity Since the flood season, heavy rain has fallen in many places in Guangxi, and the "call + joint defense mode" of video connection is an innovative application of Guilin Meteorological Bureau in
the process of heavy rainfall weather. The video adopts a 24-hour online mode, when the heavy precipitation echo is about to affect the station or the system is about to enter, the municipal meteorological station does not need to dial, can directly and simultaneously call multiple county-level meteorological stations, organize and carry out real-time weather consultations, remind to strengthen monitoring, and guide the issuance of early warning signals; Each county meteorological station shall call and remind the upstream and downstream stations in a timely manner as needed.
Facts have proved that the "call + joint defense mode" can realize rapid joint defense and linkage within the department, and compared with the "instant" call by telephone, it can save an average of 10 to 20 minutes of call time, truly and effectively improve the accuracy and advance amount of early warning signal release, and win the opportunity for emergency rescue and disaster relief.

Jiangxi Nanfeng: Static braking, precise flood prevention
Recently, in Nanfeng County, Jiangxi, 19 sets of automatic monitoring and early warning equipment for geological disasters have been installed at geological disaster hidden danger points in various townships, and the local "smart flood control" force has been further enriched. At present, Nanfeng has installed 39 sets of automatic monitoring and early warning equipment for geological disasters, covering all townships. According to reports, these instruments can carry out real-time dynamic monitoring of rainfall, surface displacement, deep displacement, and pore water pressure, and obtain comprehensive and accurate multi-data information. Once there is a dangerous situation, the instrument will notify the public by means of alarm lights and horns, so as to gain valuable time for the transfer of personnel in dangerous areas. The "big data +" precise flood prevention based on the precision monitoring system adds a technological lock to the safety of rural floods.

Zhengzhou, Henan: 24-hour "sentinel", early detection morning report Next to
the Meihe River in Zhengzhou, equipment used to monitor the river level, flow rate, flow, water quality, and video can be seen in many places. Through water quality multi-parameter online monitor, radar water level meter, radar flow meter and other equipment can 24 hours real-time monitoring of key rivers water quality changes, water level, flow rate, flow and on-site real-time conditions, comprehensive monitoring, management and display of river management status, once the data is abnormal, these equipment will timely upload the alarm information to the monitoring center, with the help of Internet of Things technology to achieve "early detection and early processing", better maintain the water ecological environment in the urban lifeline.

Conclusion: "Prevention of floods, treatment of floods", strengthening scientific defense decision-making support is crucial, from the heavenly scientific and technological equipment to the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies, hard core technology is gradually improving the efficiency and safety of flood prevention and control.

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