Newbel was granted three national invention patents in a row

2015-10-22 00:00


Warm congratulations to our company for obtaining three consecutive invention patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office this year, the patent name is "an integrated cabinet lock with wireless induction handle", the patent number is ZL201310116744.5, "a countersunk handle intelligent safety lock", the patent number is ZL201310434538.9, "a security monitoring system and monitoring method for remote interaction of audio and video", the patent number is ZL201310118657.3.


All along, the company's R & D team and R & D personnel are committed to product innovation and innovation, each new research and development of a product to go through trial and error, to overcome the difficulties in the research and development process, to solve one problem after another, this patent is the company advocate technological innovation and technology innovation effective practice, comprehensively improve the company's R & D level.


Up to now, the company has obtained 30 national patent authorizations, including 4 invention patents, and nearly 10 patents are being declared (including three invention patents). In recent years, the company has focused on increasing investment in scientific research, actively carrying out technological innovation work, and introducing special incentive measures to stimulate the enthusiasm of technical personnel to declare technical achievements.


Through years of efforts, the company has reached a high level in the same industry in patents. These patent achievements have accumulated forward momentum for the company's future development, further improved the scientific and technological content of the company's products, enhanced product stability, improved the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and provided strong scientific and technological support for the company's further development.