Warmly celebrate Newbell's 15th anniversary and Christmas party a great success!

2015-12-31 00:00

Fifteen years in the same boat, hand in hand to create the future!

Shenzhen Newbell Electronics Co., Ltd. ushered in the 15th anniversary celebration, after fifteen years of hard work, Nübel people from all over the country gathered in Pengcheng to talk together, share passion and dreams together, laughter and glory coexist in the feast.



Grateful for the past, set sail for the future, from 2000 to 2015, is Newbell's unremitting struggle for fifteen years, the annual rings of the years in the history of Newbell engraved traces of endeavor, fearless struggle only for the dream in the heart, special thanks to every Newbell people, thank you for your strength and efforts, thank you for these lovely colleagues, brought us wonderful performances, not only passionate dances, charismatic catwalks, but also exciting lotteries, and moving awards, etc. It brought the party to a perfect end. Thank you to Newbell for bringing us together and sharing the exciting moments and joy of returning home.




Looking back on Nübel's yesterday, there are always many touching people and things, vividly remembered, they are in the same boat with Nübel, all this, we all remember in our hearts, so by the chairman Yao Zong and general manager Mr. Zhu Zong, to the stage, for the loyal employees and top ten outstanding employees to present awards, thank you for your support to Nübel, the development and growth of Nübel, can not be separated from your persistence and efforts, but also inseparable from the strong support and care of all walks of life, after fifteen years of spring and autumn, all Nübel people have always been grateful, Focus on providing customers with warm and thoughtful service, and look forward to creating a better future with you!




Fifteen years of ups and downs, thank you for walking hand in hand

Fifteen years of development, thank you for creating brilliance together



With you by your side, singing and laughing along the way;

With you by your side, all the way through the thorns;

Hand in hand to protect each other, warm and long-lasting all the way;

Thank you for spending an unforgettable night together;

Dear Newbell family, let's carry on the past and forge ahead!