Our country accelerated the cultivation of unified technology and data market

2022-04-13 00:00

On 10 April, the "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Accelerating the Construction of a Large National Unified Market" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") were released. The "Opinions" clearly pointed out that scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading should be promoted. Give full play to the advantages of the ultra-large-scale market with rich application scenarios and amplified innovation benefits, guide the effective allocation of innovation resources through market demand, promote the orderly flow and rational allocation of innovation factors, improve the institutional mechanism for promoting the market-oriented application of independent innovation achievements, and support scientific and technological innovation and the development of emerging industries.
According to the Opinions, China will accelerate the cultivation of a unified technology and data market. Establish and improve national technology trading markets, improve intellectual property evaluation and trading mechanisms, and promote the interconnection of technology trading markets in various regions. Improve the service system for sharing scientific and technological resources, encourage the exchange and interaction of scientific and technological information between different regions, promote the open sharing of major scientific research infrastructure and instruments and equipment, and increase international cooperation in the field of science and technology. Accelerate the cultivation of data element markets, establish and complete basic systems and standards and norms such as data security, rights protection, cross-border transmission management, transaction circulation, open sharing, and security certification, carry out in-depth investigations of data resources, and promote the development and utilization of data resources.
In addition, China will also improve the standard and measurement system. Optimize the structure of standards promulgated by the government and independently formulated by the market, and integrate and streamline national standards and industry standards. Strengthen standard verification, implementation and supervision, and improve standard systems in the fields of modern circulation, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, fifth-generation mobile communications (5G), Internet of Things, and energy storage. Carry out in-depth artificial intelligence social experiments and promote the formulation of relevant standards for intelligent social governance. Promote the unification of standards in smart home, security and other fields, and explore the establishment of a smart device identification system. Accelerate the formulation of unified national standards and safety specifications for intelligent recognition systems such as facial recognition, finger veins, and iris. Closely follow the needs of strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, advanced manufacturing and other key fields, break through a number of key measurement technologies, develop a number of new standard materials, and continuously improve the national measurement system. Promote the fair participation of domestic and foreign-funded enterprises in China's standardization work, and improve the transparency and openness of standard formulation and revision. Carry out international exchanges and cooperation in standards, measurement and other fields. Strengthen the internationalization of standard-essential patents, and actively participate in and promote the formation of international intellectual property rules.

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